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€430 for a group of 1 to 4 persons
€480 for a group of 4 to 8 persons
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09:45 am to 04:15 pm



The world-famous Côte de Provence wine-growing region covers roughly 50,000 acres and is best known for its quintessentially Southern French rosé wine (85% of the overall production), the vineyards selected for our Côte de Provence wine tasting tour also produce lovely whites and award-winning reds.

These two vineyards are enchanting, elegant and prestigious and it's always a pleasure to introduce our customers to them.


Château font du Broc: An hour's drive from Nice, into the natural beauty and tranquility of the Var region, our first stop will be the Château Font du Broc. A magical estate where thoroughbred horses graze, neat rows of vines extend towards the distant Esterel hills and a perfectly kept formal French garden leads to the old stone Château.

Mr Massa, the owner and founder of Château Font du Broc, is a French success-story. Not satisfied with being a talented and accomplished businessman, Mr Massa , as well as producing wine that earned a place  on many Michelin starred restaurant menus, also turned his hand to breeding Olympic champion horses.


Lunch in les  Arcs Village: After soaking up Château Font du Broc's relaxing atmosphere and taking your time on taste their wine, we will introduce  you to the nearby village of les Arcs where you may order  a tasty meal at a local restaurant ( meal not included). Followed by a stroll through the medieval streets of the village to help you digest.


Château Sainte Roseline: Last but by no means least, we will go to the beautiful Château Sainte Roseline winery, a property built  on land first inhabited by a Xth century hermit. Later it became an Abbey long before the first vines were planted in XIVth century, making it one of the oldest vineyards in Provence.

This Château is not only a prestigious winery, but also a beautiful preserved sacred site steeped in history. Pilgrims still flock here several times each year to the 11th century Chapel and cloisters which are spectacular in  their own right.

Today the estate covers 108 ha with 11 grape varieties. Sainte Roseline vineyard produces roughly 400 000 bottles a year, composed  of 10% white, 35% red and 55% rosé.


Does include: Pick-up and drop off at your hotel, a luxury minivan 8 seats, and free soft drinks.

Does not include: Meal, and the wine tasting at the Château Font du Broc 10€ per person.

      Speaking Tour Guide.

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Château Font du Broc

Château Font du Broc

Font du Broc

Château Sainte Roseline

Château Sainte Roseline